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“Undeniably the most important book of the twenty-first century.” 

– KJS Anand, Professor of Paediatrics, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and a Nils Rosen von Rosenstein laureate 


Paperback | 240pp | 215x135mm

Available in Kindle, @ Amazon, or through all good bookshops


APPLE: SEX, DRUGS, MOTHERHOOD AND THE RECOVERY OF THE FEMININE “One of the seminal feminist works of the 21st century.” – The London Economic £10.99 ISBN:9781780667409 Paperback | 288pp | 216x135mm Available in Kindle, @ Amazon, or through all good bookshops



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Gavin Monaghan is an Irish-British multi-platinum music producer who has sold well in excess of 20m records, produced multiple UK number one albums and singles, worked with superstars such as Robert Plant, Grace Jones and Celine Dion, and indie bands that have gone on to sign for millions with major labels. He is the current BMA Producer of the Year and his studio, Magic Garden, is the BMA Studio of the Year, both for the second time. His music has been featured in multimillion dollar advertisements and major film and television productions such as Peaky Blinders, the Twilight films, Austin Powers, Gangs of London, and others. A former member of the Commonwealth Games British karate team and with an IQ of 179, Gavin was also, at various points, a nude model and a koi carp thief, taught diving in Israel, and DJed at the Torture Garden. With creative guidance from Antonella, Gavin composes and produces all the music for Mama.
“The first time I heard the rich and sumptuous tone of Antonella’s voice was through my studio monitors,” he says. “It’s a commanding, diva-like presence that takes total control of centre stage and breathes righteous fire into any song.”
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Antonella Gambotto-Burke is an acclaimed Italian-Australian writer based in England whose most recent books, “Mama: Love, Motherhood, and Revolution”, and radical feminist classic “Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine”, were excerpted in The Guardian  and The Weekend Australian respectively. Antonella was first asked to sing with the Jesus and Mary Chain at the age of 19 by Britpop titan Alan McGee; she turned him down, she said in an interview with him, because she was too shy. Decades later, when a Grammy Award-winning producer suggested she sing on a professional basis, she felt ready to take her voice seriously. Almost immediately, she began to be approached by musicians and renowned producers who wanted to work with her. On the insistence of a record company CEO, Antonella found herself before multi-platinum award-winning producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios. Within weeks, they decided to form Mama. In addition to singing, Antonella writes all the lyrics and toplines for Mama songs. “I take language extremely seriously,” she told Louder Than War. “Words can change the world. Writing songs, for me, carries that same charge. There’s just so much room for poetry, and so much room for revolution. I’m still adjusting to the medium, and it’s magic.” Follow Mama on Tiktok, Insta, YouTube and Facebook, and Antonella here.